What You Need to Know (And Do) About the Inpatient Only List

It's back!

Even with the IPO list restored, coding and compliance have never been – and will never be – simple. Significant case management challenges and plenty of financial risk remain.

Learn more about the IPO list and best practices for equipping, engaging and educating your team on how to get patient status right and avoid costly misses.

In this webinar, we'll discuss the changes to the IPO list, what you can expect , and how to best status patients for 2022.

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Submit your info to view the on demand webinar!

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Physician advisory service programs improve outcomes for hospitals and patients. 

Sound's physician advisory services provide high-quality concurrent and secondary case reviews to hospital partners nationwide. Our unique approach includes remote advisory services, the option for an onsite medical director of advisory services, and training and education for hospital-employed physician advisors.

Our on-site and remote physician advisors address the root cause for missed reimbursement by tightly integrating with the hospital case management team and medical staff to ensure appropriate level of care and clinical documentation throughout the patient stay.

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