Our Sound Medical Director of Advisory Services has educated a tremendous number of physicians. He works very closely with our hospitalist groups and our case management team, and his work has made a significant impact on the reimbursement and denial problems we face. He brings data to the conversation and can sell it, because doctors listen to other doctors. I absolutely believe this has been a good investment for us and would recommend an onsite physician advisor to other hospitals.
CMO, Partner Hospital in Phoenix, AZ

Our remote physician advisor takes the time to give specific professional advice on complex and sensitive cases, highlighting the importance of documentation. He reiterates what acceptable documentation looks like. He also goes over the MCG guidelines for clarification. I have been able to take this valuable advice to our utilization review committee to educate them.
Appeals Coordinator, Partner Hospital in Browns Mills, NJ   

The turnaround time we experience from Sound Advisory Services remote doctors is excellent (sometimes as short as 15 minutes, and always under an hour), and the reviews are solidly documented. Because we can rely on quick help from Sound, we can effect change on patient status while the patient is still in the hospital (e.g., Condition Code 44) and have relevant conversations with our providers when it is most impactful to patient care.
Director of Care Coordination, Partner Hospital in Sacramento, CA

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Sound Physicians is a leading healthcare organization with a proven track record of improving quality, satisfaction, and financial performance for its hospital partners nationwide. Sound combines a high-performance model with engaged providers to drive reproducible results across the acute episode of care - through emergency medicine, hospital medicine, critical care, telemedicine, and advisory services.

Improving outcomes and the bottom line.  


Reduce length of stay and readmissions. Improve
case mix index and throughput. Get peace of mind, knowing that your patients are in the right place, receiving the right care, for the right amount of time. Sound Advisory Services offers an unparalleled physician advisory solution for hospitals and systems
of all sizes looking to improve patient outcomes and decrease unnecessary costs.


Making a Difference
Measurable improvements for our partners

A partner hospital in Arizona saw a return on investment of 3.85 million dollars in less than 12 months
after implementing a Sound Advisory Services program
of an onsite physician advisor combined with remote advisory services for weekend and gap coverage.

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